Our Business

SEMICAPS designs, manufactures and markets innovative fault localization microscopes which are used by the top semiconductor companies. Customers use these equipment for their design-debug and yield analysis work. These world leading instruments help users to, efficiently and quickly, ramp up the yield of their latest chip designs by analyzing and locating faults in their engineering samples and early production runs. 

Our laser scan microscope has already been qualified and is being used by a large manufacturer for their 14 nm products. Presently, our optics for NIR laser scanning is able to achieve the best resolution of below 100 nm linewidth. Further, Global Foundries is using our wafer probe platform to accelerate their wafer yield analysis, saving them weeks per analysis cycle by avoiding the need to sort, dice and package the products before analysis. These direct-docked, direct-probe analytical wafer probers allow users to test their wafers at over 1 Gbps, while using a standard commercial probe card with over 5000 pins. Enjoy more chilli pokie

Our technical staff has strong backgrounds in semiconductor failure analysis, microscopy and the use of lasers as well as computer hardware and software. Working closely with customers, we also have an in-depth appreciation of the application requirements of the industry. SEMICAPS also work closely with the National University of Singapore to develop new fundamental technologies. Currently, we have about 30 staff in offices located in Singapore and USA. The SEMICAPS team has been awarded the President’s Technology Award in 2009, Singapore’s highest award for science and technology. The company also has been granted 7 patents with 3 more pending.


Presently, our main products include the:

a. Laser Timing Probe (LTP) – An instrument which allows the waveform at any selected point inside a semiconductor device or IC to be measured without a physical probe, by using a laser;

b. Scanning Optical Microscope (SOM) System – A multi-laser scanning optical microscope system for the active localization of integrated circuit defects using static power alteration and dynamic tester-based techniques;

c. Photon Emission Microscope (PEM) System – A highly sensitive passive fault localization system for the localization of integrated circuit defects using panchromatic imaging and spectroscopy.