Product – Accessories


A cooling system for dynamic laser technique & laser waveform probing

  • Gold plated device to enhance thermal contact and conductivity
  • Removes heat from active DUT during analysis
  • Capable of handling up to 200 W of heat flux
  • Compatible with SIL and air gap lenses with optical axis hole
  • Does not require the silicon substrate to have a high planarity
  • Accommodates die-side components with flexible pins
  • Best performance with water but can go below 0° C with glycol mix
  • For use with all SEMICAPS platforms
AuriCool is used for the thermal management of devices which generates more than 25 Watts of heat during analysis. It can limit the temperature of such devices to a manageable level


An aplanatic solid immersion lens with a resolution better than 100 nm

  • Being used by leading manufacturer for the 14 nm technology node
  • Elminate the need for wafer backside thinning
  • Compatible for both inverted and upright systems
  • Rapid Image Shift Mode (RISM)
The ARSIL is used for the laser scanning and probing of advanced semiconductor nodes, especially in design-debug yield analysis

Liquid Crystal

Cost effective method to locate hot spot

Liquid Crystal Analysis provide an unsurpassed method to precisely identify points where heat is generated, down to 20mW. This non-destructive method enables an analyst to “see hot spots through a probe station microscope with polarized light”.
Many yield and field failures involved excessive current flow, ESD, resistive gate shorts, conductor-to-conductor shorts are examples. Devices with local hot spots are less reliable, leading to early failures.