International Symposium on the Physical and...                                      Marina Bay Sands, Singapore         Jul 16 - 19, 2018

International Symposium For Testing and Failure Analysis                     Phoenix, Arizona USA                     Oct 28 - Nov 1, 2018

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SEMICAPS withdrawn inter partes review (IPR) against US Patent 7733100

The dispute between SEMICAPS and DCG over DCG's frequency mapping patents has been settled.
DCG has withdrawn their lawsuit against SEMICAPS that was filed in the Northern District of California.

Concurrently, SEMICAPS has withdrawn their inter-partes review (IPR) of the US 7733100 patent.
The IPR was filed with the USPTO in October last year. All customers can be assured that future business will proceed normally.


SEMICAPS files for an inter partes review (IPR) against US Patent 7733100

SEMICAPS celebrates 25th anniversary

SEMICAPS technical forum 2014

SEMICAPS technical forum 2012

SEMICAPS receives President's Technology Award 2009

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